Low Libido in Men: Main Causes

low libido in men

No desire to have an intercourse? Having problems gaining and holding an erection, or other sex-related complications? The causes may be different, while the problem is all the same. Low libido is the condition when a man has decreased interest in sexual activity. The condition is rather common, and it may appear as a result of usual fatigue or stress. However, frequent instances of decreased libido may lead to serious relationship issues, as well as health aggravations. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and similar health complications may occur as a result of the constantly low libido.

Top 5 Most Typical Reasons for Decreased Sex Desire in Men
There is no reason to worry if your libido is currently low, as there may be several reasonable explanations. However, it is necessary to contact a medical specialist and deal with its symptoms in case the condition aggravates and becomes permanent. Serious underlying health problems, considerable vitamin D deficiency, emotional and psychological impairments can trigger the problem.

Here are top 5 most common reasons for libido decrease:

  1. Low testosterone. While testosterone is an important male hormone, its deficiency may lead to significant health disorders. The hormone is responsible for stimulating sperm production, building bone mass and muscles. Besides, it is a considerable factor, which may influence the sex drive. Patients who are diagnosed with T level below 300-350 ng/dL may experience serious problems with libido ranges. In such cases, it is inevitable to increase testosterone levels in order to balance libido.
  2. Depression. It is known that sexual functioning is tightly related to the emotional and psychological health of a person. Therefore, trying to preserve your libido high, you need to avoid stress, depression, anxiety, and similar issues. Patients who suffer from depression may experience serious problems and disorders associated with sexual desire and overall interest in sexual activity. Besides, low libido may serve a severe side effect of certain antidepressants, specifically selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
  3. Disturbed sleep. Following the results of recent studies, males with obstructive sleep apnea experience serious problems with testosterone levels. As a result, decreased sexual activity and ultimately low libido accompany the issue. Such conclusions are true for all men, especially older ones.
  4. Restless leg syndrome. An uncontrollable urge to move one’s legs may serve another reason for libido decrease. According to the conclusions of contemporary investigations, patients who experience RLS have an enhanced risk of erectile dysfunction development, as well as problems associated with libido.
  5. Aging. Testosterone levels and other processes of the male organism get decreased as men age. Frequently, that’s the reason of considerable libido decrease, especially in males, who are over 60 years old. Such processes as ejaculation, orgasm achievement, and arousal become more and more complicated and require more time.

Possible Solutions and Effective Ways to Libido Enhancement
Apart from the most common causes of low libido, there are certainly other reasons for its decrease, mainly including stress, medications use and a range of others. The good news at this point is the fact that the condition can be improved. Lower high blood pressure, work on balancing T levels, avoid stress, keep to a healthy lifestyle and follow the doctor’s instructions to balance your condition and eliminate sex-related disorders.